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7 Tips to Improving Your Off Page SEO

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When professionals refer to off page SEO they’re generally referring to link building that occurs outside of a website. That can include linking your site with like-related sites, using SEO friendly content and using the correct keywords for your content. Multiple strategies can be utilized to build your online reputation with off page SEO.

It is important to know what resources you are able to use to best encourage traffic back to your site. There are numerous strategies that can be used but these are the most user friendly ways to help build your sites online reputation.

  1. Linking – building inbound links from other sites is important but cannot be done in an unethical way. Link your site with other sites that are related to the niche or specialty of your site.

  1. Proper keyword research – find the keywords that will bring in the most traffic to your site and use them in your inbound links, PPC campaigns, and on-page SEO strategies.

  1. Social networking sites– using various social websites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Ecademy, and MySpace, create profiles so you can network online, connect with friends and market your site online. Social media marketing has grown significantly in recent years and is an important strategy to improve your SEO as well as building relationships with your customers. 

  1. Blogging– developing and writing for your own company blog is an excellent way to market your site. Be specific and use unique content to direct interest in what your site has to offer. If you are not a writer, hire a guest blogger to help you get your point across. Remember it is important to use SEO on your blog.

  1. Document sharing– use Google documents to share your site documents such as company brochures and documents. This helps to get the site information out to other like companies that might be interested in what you site offers. A good one that I have used is others include and

  1. Article submission– write your own articles and submit them to Ezine, Go Articles, and other article directory sites. Once you’ve written your article, submit it to these sites, and by using your own site url within your article, this acts as a back link which will direct visitors back to your site. You can see how this works by visiting my own Ezine Articles, simply search ‘Katherine Minett ezine author”.  

  1. Classifieds submissions – try and advertise for free products on sites such as Craigslist, MySpace, or Kugli. Submitting advertisements for your products will encourage future interest and link back to your site.


Depending on your site purpose and content, all or some of these tips may be helpful. The time and effort put into these off page SEO strategies could potentially bring much needed traffic to your site and the rewards worth the input.


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