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SEO Checklist -Top 5 Marketing Tasks To Outsource

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You want to get traffic to your website, but you don’t have the time to learn and keep on top of the latest traffic generation strategies. Why not outsource these time consuming tasks?  Get a great SEO company to do these tasks for you and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Below is a list of 5 key tasks that you should outsource.

Content Writing – You need useful content. It’s not enough to talk about your products with decent grammar. The article should add link value and have good readership.

A syndicated article and blog have different tone.  The copy on your website’s banner shouldn’t be dull and long – it should grab your audiences’ attention. An expert internet marketer would advise you where in your website the copy and headers should be placed. Each page’s content should speak to your different niches.

Search Engine Optimization – Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. It has to be found by customers. Each SEO company has its own methodology.

Choose a company that has a collaborative work ethic. You should be involved in keyword planning and selection. Transparency is critical – you need to know the pros and cons of organic SEO vs PPC (inorganic SEO). Organic is a guaranteed long term solution with high ROI but can take a month or more before you rank and reap the benefits.

Social Media Marketing SMM  – Did you know that most visitors check a company’s Facebook page to view promotions and events? Social Media is best utilized for building brand image – not direct selling. Check if the company creates content & ties-in Facebook, Twitter and your website together.

Link Building – Google continues to crawl the web which is why you need quality link building. You need experienced SEO specialists who know how to create links and manage them. Though it is a painstaking task, links created must keep working on the long run for you to stay relevant.

Google Maps Marketing – Geo-target consumers within your area using Google Places SEO. These have their own results area which is different from the organic search results. It brings in fresh customers especially when users search using mobile devices (e.g. iphone, ipad). When executed correctly it complements an organic SEO campaign.

So there you go, there’s your list of the top 5 key tasks to outsource.  Of course our company can handle all of this for you.  Contact us for a no strings attached complimentary analysis of your website.  Lets look at where you can win on the internet and how SEO can help your business.  When we do an analysis, our team looks at your website, we look at the keywords that would be the best for you, and we give you a detailed reported that we can then discuss so you’ll have a good strategy moving forward.

Click on the link below to go to my website and fill out the free SEO analysis.

P.S. Because I actually have people (not just software) that do the analysis of your website, please give me about 2-3 business days to get it back to you once you fill out the form.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our complimentary service.


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