Article Submission

Article Submission

Article marketing is great way to build your brand and gain credibility as well as get more traffic to your website.

Internet article marketing is the process of writing articles, and submitting them to be published in article directories all over the Internet. In addition to almost instant publication, article marketing is a great long term strategy to steadily bring traffic to your site over time. This is simply because once you publish an article online, it remains published and as these articles accumulate and spread on the net, links to your site would keep coming in.

When you write and publish an article, each article includes a resource box where you give yourself credibility and link back to your site. If a reader likes your article, there is a high probability they will click on your link.

In addition, if you have articles that are well written and informative, other sites may use your articles and republish them on their site, hence giving you even more visibility and traffic.

For SEO purposes, the more links back to your site the better, especially if they are coming from credible sources.

Expert Traffic Gurus can help you with your online marketing strategy, by providing unique articles that when submitted to article directories, will give you valuable backlinks.

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