Blog Postings

Blog Posting

Blogs are becoming one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet. There are new blogs popping up on a daily basis. Blogs are built to be search engine friendly and are regularly crawled by search engines due to the ability to optimize them as well as the ongoing fresh content posted to the SEO blogs. 

Due to this, getting your website and URL connected to some of the top blogs on the Internet, will only bring more visibility to your blog by two main factors – direct traffic and backlinks. 

Remember, the more credible backlinks to your site, the higher you will rank in the search engines.

But, you must ensure that a few main factors are kept in consideration.

1 – Ensure the blog you want to comment on allows comments; some blogs close the ability for commenting.

2. Ensure that the blog you are commenting on does not  have the “no follow” option turned on, if this is the case, it does not matter how many links you leave on the site, the blog settings has blocked search engines from crawling to find your site. 

3. Ensure that the format of your comment is maximizing its space with the use of keywords and valuable content.

Our service has an ongoing list of the top blogs for various industries and niches that allow for commenting, “do follow” capabilities as well as high page rankings to ensure maximum exposure for your website by increasing its visibility.

We have a team of dedicated, experienced writers who can provide blog writing to suit the needs of your blog strategy.

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