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One of the main SEO strategies to bring extra visibility to your site is by ensuring that you have high quality backlinks. The more links you have and the higher quality those links are, the higher your site will rank in the search engines. 

Link wheels are currently one of the most advanced SEO techniques in practice today. A linkwheel is the process of creating a number of blogs/microsite on a specific topic based around a keyword. Each one of the blog/minisites need to have unique content  and include one link back to your website and one link to another one of your blog/microsite. 

The reason why the linkwheels are so effective is because the blog/minisites are created on sites that have high rankings and your newly created blog/microsite will benefit from these attributes. By adding a link from another one of your blog/microsites, these values are passed from one site to another, which continues to build the value of the created links.  

Our service creates and implements these linkwheels for your website, creating the content, as well as the strategy.


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  • 14 spoke link wheel
  • 5 days delivery

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  • 28 spoke link wheel
  • 5 days delivery

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