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The Truth About Facebook –

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What Every Business Owner Ought To Know

Have you heard about Facebook lately? It’s not just about gossip, and who did what and where and with who today. No, it’s more than that. Now it’s a place for business…and it’s free!

With more than 850 million users, Facebook is like the main street of the internet. Just as every business owner would prefer to have a store located in the main business district of their city, if you want to successfully promote your business on the internet, you must have a presence on Facebook. This social networking site can be used not just to reach out directly to your target audience, but also to generate social media news for your service or product, which in turn reaches millions of other consumers indirectly.


How to Use Social Media and Facebook

The marketing power of Facebook comes not just from the number of people who use it, which is in millions in every type of demographic, but also from the internal connections its users have with each other. If someone likes your page, or makes a comment about one of your products, the said comment is seen by hundreds of their friends too. So, in this example you have reached one potential customer directly, but more than that, you have reached hundreds others indirectly. That is the power of passive social media communication. Now imagine what you can do with active social media communication.

Active social media communication is the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach your target audience directly. Facebook allows businesses to create what it calls pages; your page will be the home of your business on Facebook. Your page can be liked by your customers, commented upon, and discussed with their friends. If you wish to generate social media news for your business and products, there is just no alternative to Facebook.


Facebook iFrames and Your Business

Facebook now allows businesses to embed their webpages and even complete websites within their pages. This is done by the newly launched iFrames technology, which stands for internal frames. Using iFrames, you can add your website to your page by just telling Facebook about the URL of your website.

The result is that your website and Facebook can now be more tightly integrated than ever before. If you need shopping carts, opt ins, sales pages, videos, download links, membership sign up, reservations, event management it can all be done on Facebook. By visiting your page on Facebook, your users also visit your website. The direct result is more traffic generation, as well as better user experience for the visitors. One thing you have to take care is that Facebook only allows pages that are no wider than 540 pixels, so you may not be able to embed your complete site as it is. However, by making some minor changes to the design of your webpage, now your business can be hosted right on Facebook itself.

At the start of the 2000s, getting to the first page of Google was the goal of businesses who wanted to promote themselves on the internet. Today, the use of social media sites like Facebook to generate social media news and buzz is the real challenge of doing business on the internet. At a time when billions of dollars of business is generated right on Facebook itself, the stakes for your business could not be higher.

So whatever your thoughts are about Facebook, now is the time to reconsider it, and if you want to know more about Facebook strategies and how you can implement them effectively into your business then visit


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